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Please find below Forms from the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Handbook .

 You can choose to open the documents in word logo or pdf logo 

 Form updates 2022 : Very minor changes have been made to forms in the 2022 handbook to include the line : This information will be used and stored in line with UK GDPR regulations   Not all forms here have been updated to include this so Please add this to any forms you use. 

safeguarding training evaluation form    we would  love to hear from you if you've attended a panel training session. Complete the online jotform here to let us know what you think 

  GDPR and Panel Forms - an information sheet from the 2022 handbook updates  explaining how GDPR affects your use of these forms

Recruitment Forms

 For more information on safer recruitment see section 2 in the handbook

 Use this checklist to guide you through the recruitment process:

 Form 3 checklist (word) or Form 3 pdf)

 Form_1_Volunteer_Application_Form.docx  Form_1_Volunteer_Application_Form.pdf

 Form_2_Self-declaration_Form.docx    ( updated 2023) Form 2 self declaration pdf

Appendix 2a  Safeguarding code of conduct  ( new document 2022) 


Form_4_Reference_letter_and_form.docx   Form_4_Reference_letter_and_form.pdf

 DBS FORMS see DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) ( for full details of the process

 Paper DBS Process - contact the office to ask for a DBS application form

The face to face verifier will need to  complete the  Panel Verifiers form  

Online DBS Process: JOTFORM FORM 1  to start the  online DBS application process.

 the verifier should complete to note details of the ID verification process using DBS FORM 2( word) or FORM 2 pdf  

( this form is only to be used when Jotform 1 has already been completed



Forms for Children's Work












 see also info sheet  appendix  8   ( NSPCC information)


Accident and Incident Form




Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is a useful way of thinking through the risks and potential problems that may occur in any activity. It helps you to come up with solutions, it shows that you have planned carefully and helps you to take the reasonable steps necessary to keep everyone safe and also to protect the reputation of the organisation.  It is also a good way to share important information with other members of the team to ensure that everybody is following the best practice possible to operate in a safe and accountable manner.  

Form 10 from the handbook can be found below.  There is also  an updated form and step by step guide  here 



 Virtual work with young people information sheet and risk assessment      or pdf

Reporting a concern 




 Guidelines and Safe Working Practices ( Example Document)





 Other Forms will be added in due course