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The  Panel provides training to those who work directly with children, young people or vulnerable adults in our churches and those who are responsible for these activities (e.g. church trustees)

Our training is based on our current policies and practice as found in our Handbook. It aims to equip workers and volunteers and will help them to be familiar with current guidelines and know what to do if they are concerned about a situation or an individual. 

Safeguarding training is mandatory for all those who work or volunteer with children, youth, vulnerable adults and is necessary to meet the requirements the Charities Commission and usually your insurance policy.

Current sessions are noted below but if you would like to organise a  face to face or zoom session for your church please contact the office.

  Here are some comments from people who have attended Panel training sessions:

"It was explained thoroughly and was easy to follow"     "Clear and didn't feel too complex"

"No nonsense not sensationalised approach to serious matters - Worthwhile seminar - such an important topic"                  "Best Safeguarding training I have attended- relevant, clear and not alarming"

"The training was both clear and interesting. It has increased my understanding of abuse and how to deal with it."


 Level 1 volunteers training update: 

We are moving towards a new model of training delivery, where a small team of volunteers from across Wales will deliver basic safeguarding training to volunteers in local churches. THis can be face to face or virtually. This is an exciting development which we hope will increase the amount of training available.

Our volunteer trainers have received training  and resources to ensure that the training is consistent and of a high quality. These sessions are available now  and the programme will be rolled out in the coming months. In the meantime, please contact the office with your requests for training as usual.  


Session for new DBS Verifiers

Thursday 2/2/2023 18.30 to 20.00 Session for those who want to learn how to verify DBS forms for the Interdenominational Safeguarding Panel.

This will be a virtual session over zoom (in the Welsh language). 

Book your place via this link:


Level 2 sessions for ministers 2023 

The 5 sessions below are Level 2  Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Training sessions for ministers and staff. All  will be delivered virtually using Zoom.

This is mandatory training for all ministers from the three denominations and should be repeated at least every 4 years.

Please book using the tocyncymru links shown for each session. 

  1. Tuesday 10th January 2023 - English 9.30 to 3.30
  1. Thursday 19th January 2023  Welsh 9.30-3.30
  1. Monday 13th February 2023 - English  9.30-3.30
  1. Wednesday 15th March 2023 -Welsh 9.30-3.30
  1. Tuesday 9th May – English 9.30-3.30
more sessions will be added later in the year.